1965 Forsyth County Championships

Friday - April 23, 1965
at Hanes Park, Winston-Salem, NC

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Girls events did not begin until 1975.
Track: Dirt/cinders. 440-yards (402.336 meters).
Hand timing
No wind gauges.
Vaulters used metal poles
LJ & PV runways were dirt or cinders. High jump approach was grass or dirt.
No Internet.
Newspaper clippings (below) are very yellow. Only the top 4 and the winner's performance were listed

Team Scores:
1. R.J. Reynolds 68
2. North Forsyth 39
3. East Forsyth  31
4. West Forsyth  11
5. Gray           5

100-yard Dash
1. Steve Swearingen Reynolds  10.5
2. Bill Raisner     North Forsyth
3. Doug Linville    East Forsyth
4. Raymond Warden   East Forsyth

220-yard Dash
1. Steve Swearingen Reynolds  23.5
2. Doug Linville    East Forsyth
3. Albert           East Forsyth
4. Duggins          West Forsyth

440-yard Dash
1. Bill Raisner  North Forsyth 53.1
2. Westmoreland  North Forsyth
3. Jack Smith    East Forsyth
4. Hall          Reynolds

880-yard Run
1. Barry Quinn West Forsyth 2:03.4
2. Clitherow   Reynolds
3. Beavers     Reynolds
4. Deleot      Reynolds

Mile Run
1. Randy Phillips Reynolds  4:42.2
2. Silas Wild     Reynolds
3. David Beeson   East Forsyth
4. Latchford      West Forsyth

120-yard High Hurdles
1. Harvey Bauguess North Forsyth 15.5
2. Stuart Peters   Reynolds
3. Lyon            Reynolds
4. Fulton          Reynolds

180-yard Low Hurdles
1. Stuart Peters   Reynolds     20.8
2. Harvey Bauguess North Forsyth
3. Duggins         West Forsyth
4. Whitted         Reynolds

880-yard Relay
1. Reynolds  1:36.5
(David Lanier, Roland Barnhardt, Pete Lyons, Steve Swearingen)
2. East Forsyth
3. North Forsyth
4. West Forsyth

Mile Relay
1. North Forsyth  3:36.7
(Steve Barrow, Bill Westmoreland, Steve Leon, Bill Raisner)
2. East Forsyth
3. Reynolds
4. West Forsyth

Broad Jump
1. Roland Barnhardt Reynolds   20-1
2. Raymond Warden   East Forsyth
3. Stuart Peters    Reynolds
4. Watson DuFour    North Forsyth

High Jump
1t Stuart Peters  Reynolds     5-8
1t Raymond Warden East Forsyth 5-8
3. Smith          Reynolds
4. Whitted        Reynolds

Pole Vault
1. Orval Jones   North Forsyth 11-6
2. Tom Barbee    Reynolds
3. Watson DuFour North Forsyth
4. Pegram        East Forsyth

Shot Put
1. Rodney Anderson  Gray HS      44-5
2. Hanley           North Forsyth
3. Joe Crotts       North Forsyth
4. Bell             Reynolds

1. Bob Randall    East Forsyth 134-8
2. Johnny Johnson Reynolds
3. McLaurine      Reynolds
4. Steve Peters   Reynolds

1965 order of running events:
120-yard High Hurdles
100-yard Dash
Mile Run
4x220-yard Relay
440-yard Dash
180-yard Low Hurdles
880-yard Run
220-yard Dash
Mile Relay

Source: Newspaper clippings from The Winston-Salem Journal and the Twin City Sentinel.

The longest race was One-Mile. The NCHSAA did not add the Two-Mile as a standard event until 1970.
The 4x110y was run for the first time in 1971.
The Triple Jump was not added until 1974.
The 4x800 was added in 1986.

From: The Winston-Salem Journal, Saturday morning, April 24, 1965

Swearingen Leads Reynolds To All-Forsyth Track Title

By Steve Clark, Staff Reporter

Reynolds High's undefeated track team utilized its depth to full advantage and won the eighth annual All-Forsyth Invitational Track Meet yesterday afternoon at Hanes Park.

The hard - charging Demons won six first places and tied for another while compiling 68 points. North Forsyth finished second with 39, East Forsyth third with 31, West Forsyth fourth with 11 and Gray, which entered only three events, was last with five.

Steve Swearingen, a fleet Reynolds junior, set the pace for the victors by racing first to the tape in both the 100 and 220-yard dashes. His time in the 100 was 10.5 seconds, and his 220 time was 23.5.

Two Double Winners

Swearingen and teammate Stuart Peters were the only individuals to capture two blue ribbons, although Peters hadto share one of his. Peters won first place in the 180-yard low hurdles by overtaking North Forsyth's ace hurdler, Harvey Bauguess, in the last few yards and nipping him at the tape. Peters winning time was 20.8 seconds.

Peters shared a blue ribbon in the high jump with East Forsyth's Raymond Warden. Both leaped 5 feet, 8 inches.

However, it is doubtful if Peters and Warden would have shared this event had West Forsyth's Hugh Hampton competed. Hampton, who has jumped 5-11 this spring, missed the meet on account of illness.

Although he lost to Peters in the low hurdles, Bauguess successfully defended the 120-yard high hurdles by outracing Peters to the wire in 15.5 seconds.

Bauguess' high hurdles victory was one of four first places for North Forsyth. Orval Jones took the pole vault with an 11-foot, six-inch effort, and Bill Raisner dashed to victory in the 440 in 53.1 seconds.

The Vikings' superb mile relay team of Steve Barrow, Bill Westmoreland, Steve Leon, and anchorman Raisner, captured the day's final event in 3:36.7.

Besides Swearingen and Peters, Randy Phillips and Roland Barnhardt won first places for Reynolds. Phillips won the mile in 4:42.2 and Barnhardt took the broad jump with a 20-foot, 1-inch leap.

The other Demon blue ribbon was won by the 880-yard relay team of David Lanier, Barnhardt, Pete Lyons and Swearingen in 1:36.5.

East, West and Gray each won one first place. Bob Randall of East Forsyth won the discus with a toss of 134 feet, 8 inches; West's Barry Quinn took the 880 in 2:03.4, and hefty Rodney Anderson of Gray got the Hounds on the scoreboard with a winning shotput throw of 44 feet, 5 inches.

Despite perfect weather conditions -- 80-plus degrees and blue skies -- no records were broken. Reynolds' 880 relay team came the closest with its time of 1:36.5, falling short of the 1:36.0 mark set by Reynolds in 1962.

Photo of 100-yard Dash

Photo of 120-yard High Hurdles

From: The Twin City Sentinel, Saturday afternoon, April 24, 1965

Reynolds Triumphs Because of Depth

By Steve Clark, Staff Reporter

To understand why Reynolds High School scored a smashing triumph in yesterday's All-Forsyth Invitational track meet doesn't require a lot of deep thinking -- but depth is why the Demons wound up on top.

I short, Reynolds just had too many horses.

As a result, the final tabulations read: Reynolds 68, North Forsyth 39, East Forsyth 31, West Forsyth 11, Gray 5.

The margin of victory would indicate that the Demons won practically all of the 14 events. But the fact is, blue ribbons were pretty well spread around.

Reynolds won only six first places, while runner-up North Forsyth garnered four. East Forsyth, West Forsyth and Gray each won a first place. The other first place was a tie between Reynolds and East in the high jump.

But here's the Demons' secret of success: five second places and six third places. That's 27 points -- three points shy of being equal to six first places.

"We win a lot of meets by finishing second, third and fourth in many events," said Coach Bill Webster, whose Demons are undefeated by virtue of their numerous non-blue ribbons.

Reynolds scored in every event yesterday. In comparison, North failed to score in five events, East was blanked in four, and West failed to show in nine. Gray entered three events, scoring five points on Rodney Anderson's winning toss of 44 feet, 5 inches in the shotput.

Reynolds' weakest events were the 440-yard dash and the shotput, in which Demon entries could do no better than fourth.

Steve Swearingen and Stuart Peters were Reynolds' most outstanding performers. Swearingen captured both dash events -- the 100 and the 220 -- and served as anchorman on the Demons' winning 880-yard relay team. The swift junior nosed North's Bill Raisner in the 100 with a time of 10.5 seconds, and his 23.5 time in the 220 edged Doug Linville of East.

Peters waged a personal duel with Harvey Bauguess of North in the high and low hurdles. Bauguess took the highs in 15.5, but Peters got revenge in the lows with a 20.8 showing.

The event tuned up Reynolds for the Central 4-A Conference meet Friday at Hanes Park. Time trials will begin at 10:30 a.m., eliminations at 2:30 p.m, and the finals at 3:30.

Photo of Raymond 
Warden in the HJ

From: The Twin City Sentinel, Thursday evening, April 22, 1965

Four Teams Are Expected to Wage Hot Battle for Track Meet Title

The Winston-Salem - Forsyth County Invitational high school track meet will be held at Hanes Park Friday afternoon, and it looms as one of the closest battles in years.

Only four teams have entered -- East Forsyth, North Forsyth, Reynolds and West Forsyth -- but the teams are evenly matched.

In the sprints, East and Reynolds will lead the field, with Doug Linville of East and Steve Swearingen of Reynolds having the best times in both the 100 and 220. In the 100, the boys have done :10.5.

The 440 should be a three-way battle between Johnny Stewart of West Forsyth (:53.6), Bill Raisner of North Forsyth (54.4) and Jack Smith of East Forsyth (:54.5).

In the 800, it's Barry Quinn of West Forsyth (2:06.9) against Frank Crosby of East (2:08).

Reynolds has the edge in the mile with Randy Phillips (4:43) and Phillip Beavers (4:52) against David Beeson of East (4:55).

East tops the 880 relay with a time of 1:37.6, and North is the favorite in the mile relay with a 3:40.2.

Stuart Peters of Reynolds and Johnny Stewart of West Forsyth are co-favorites in the high hurdles with times of :15.4, but defending champion Harvey Bauguess of North Forsyth can't be ignored with a time of :15.8.

Peters and Bauguess will battle it out in the low hurdles. Peters has the edge with a :20.6, and Bauguess has done :20.8.

Reynolds is strong in the field events. Richard Bell of North tops the shot field with a throw of 42 feet. Lewis Whiteheart and Joe Crotts of North will challenge him with 41 feet.

Roland Barnhardt of Reynolds is the favorite in the broad jump with 20 feet, 8 inches. Stewart of West is the top challenger with 20 feet, 5 inches.

Johnny Johnson of Reynolds leads the discus with a toss of 134 feet, 8 inches. Bob Randall of East is a top contender with 131 feet, 6 inches.

Hugh Hampton of West Forsyth is the favorite in the high jump with 5 feet, 10 inches. Stuart Peters of Reynolds and Ray Warden of East have done 5 feet, 8 inches.

Two boys from North rate high in the pole vault. Orval Jones is the top man with 11 feet. Watson DuFour has done 10 feet, 6 inches. Tom Barbee of Reynolds also has done 10 feet, 6 inches.

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