1967 Forsyth County Championships

Tuesday-Wednesday - May 2-3, 1967
at Hanes Park, Winston-Salem, NC

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Girls events did not begin until 1975.
Track: Dirt/cinders. 440-yards (402.336 meters).
Hand timing
No wind gauges.
Vaulters used metal poles
LJ & PV runways were dirt or cinders. High jump approach was grass or dirt.
No Internet.
Newspaper clippings (below) are very yellow.

Team Scores:
1. R.J. Reynolds 53
2. Atkins 25
3. Paisley 19
4. East Forsyth 16
5. Anderson 15
6. North Forsyth 12
7. Parkland 6
8t Carver 4
8t West Forsyth 4

100-yard dash
1. Stan Crews, Reynolds 10.0 Rec
Old Rec: 10.2 by James Tatum, Carver 1966
2. James Boyd, Anderson
3. William Gunn, Atkins
4. Lamard Simpson, Anderson

220-yard dash
1. Stan Crews, Reynolds 22.1 Rec (for straightaway)
Old Rec: 22.6 by Roger Staley, Children's Home '64
2. William Gunn, Atkins
3. James Boyd, Anderson
4. Doug Linville, East Forsyth

1. Thomas Little, Reynolds 51.2 Rec
Old Rec: 51.5 by Steve Philo, Reynolds 1961
and Hiawatha Gist, Paisley 1966
2. James Parker, Paisley
3. James Morris, Anderson
4. Steve Gibson, Reynolds

1. Steve Whicker, East Forsyth 2:03.1
2. Williams, Paisley
3. Brown, Paisley
4. Giles, Reynolds

Mile Run
1. Marty Beeson, East Forsyth 4:40.0
2. Frank Carroll, North Forsyth
3. Clore, West Forsyth
4. Hilderbrandt, Reynolds

120y High Hurdles
1. Herman McDonald, Anderson 15.9
2. Artis Woods, Atkins
3. Jesse Stitt, North Forsyth
4. David Enochs, Reynolds

180y Low Hurdles
1. Olin Carter, Atkins 20.4
2. David Enochs, Reynolds
3. Gray Fesperman, Parkland
4. Ron Caffrey, Reynolds

4x200m Relay
1. Atkins 1:34.2 Rec (Old Rec: 1:36.0 RJR '62, NF '64)
(William Gunn, Sylvester Johnson, David Sherrill, Jerry Corpening)
2. Reynolds
3. Anderson
4. Paisley

4x400m Relay
1. Reynolds 3:30.9 Rec (Old Rec 3:34.2 Reynolds 1961)
(Duncan Yost, Phil Stewart, Steve Gibson, Thomas Little)
2. Carver
3. Paisley
4. Atkins

Long Jump
1. Willie Crosby, Atkins 20-02.5
2. Jenkins, North Forsyth
3. Morgan, West Forsyth
4. Hayden, Carver

High Jump
1. Dennis Lewis, Paisley 5-10
2. Jerome Witten, Reynolds
3. Steve Mock, Parkland
4. Thompson, Reynolds

Pole Vault
1. Frankie Koontz, East Forsyth 11-6
2. Hauser, Reynolds
3. Caffrey, Reynolds
4. Thompson, Reynolds

1. Eric Weygandt, Reynolds 47-7
2. Campbell, Paisley
3. Mike Stafford, Reynolds
4. John Davis, North Forsyth

1. Tracy Lounsbury, Reynolds 153-6
2. Keith Creeson, North Forsyth
3. Campbell, Paisley
4. Duren, Atkins

Source: Newspaper clippings from The Winston-Salem Journal and the Twin City Sentinel.

The longest race was One-Mile. The NCHSAA did not add the Two-Mile as a standard event until 1970.
The 4x110y was run for the first time in 1971.
The Triple Jump was not added until 1974.
The 4x800 was added in 1986.

From: The Winston-Salem Journal, Thursday morning, May 4, 1967

Crews Sets 2 of 5 All-Forsyth Marks

By Mary Garber, Staff Reporter

Stan Crews, a Reynolds sophomore, broke meet records in the 100- and 220-yard dashes and Reynolds won the All-Forsyth track meet at Hanes Park yesterday. Crews was voted the most outstanding individual in the meet.

Reynolds won six events and placed in everything but the broad jump in scoring 53 points. Atkins was second with 25 points and Paisley was third with 19 points. Other scores were: East Forsyth 16, Anderson 15, North Forsyth 12, Parkland 6, Carver and West Forsyth 4.

Five meet records were broken in all.

Crews won the 100-yard dash in :10. The record was :10.2 set last year by James Tatum of Carver.

Crews won the 220-yard dash record in :22.1. The record was :22.6 set in 1964 by Roger Staley of Children's Home.

Thomas Little of Reynolds broke the 440-yard dash mark with a time of :51.2. The record was :51.5, set by Hiawatha Gist of Paisley in 1966 and Steve Philo of Reynolds in 1961.

Atkins smashed the 880-yard relay record, winning in 1:32.4. The Atkins team is comprised of William Gunn, Sylvester Johnson, David Sherrill and Jerry Corpening. The record was 1:36, set by North Forsytn in 1964 and Reynolds in 1962.

Reynolds, Anderson, Paisley and Carver all bettered the meet record time in the 880 relay as well.

Reynolds broke the mile relay with a winning time of 3:30.9. On the Reynolds team are Duncan Yost, Phil Stewart, Steve Gibson, Thomas Little. The record was 3:34.2 set by Reynolds in 1961.

Crews was the only double winner. He also ran on the Reynolds 880-relay team and as anchor man pulled the Demons to a strong second place.

Both the dashes were excellent races with James Boyd of Anderson a strong challenger in the 100 and William Gunn of Atkins on Crews' heels in the 220.

One of the top races of the day was the 440. Doug Linville of East Forsyth was close to Little when he slipped and fell just before he got to the finish line. He was bruised and skinned up, but otherwise unhurt.

The 880 relay was certainly the most exciting of day. The race was run in two heats with four schools running in each heat.

Atkins and Reynolds had a head-to-head duel in the first heat. Gunn got the Camels off to a first-lap lead but it was a battle all the way with Crews of Reynolds making a challenge in the last lap.

In the mile relay, all four places came out of the second heat. Reynolds took the lead in the second lap with Phil Stewart. Atkins challenged but Steve Gibson held on in the third lap and Little opened the lead in the final lap.

Steve Whicker of East Forsyth trailed in the first lap of the half-mile and waited until after the first turn in the second lap to make his move. His time of 2:03.1 was close to Art Jacobsen's 2:01.8 that, has stood for seven years -- the meet's oldest record.

Marty Beeson of East Forsyth had a slow start in the first lap but still ran a 4:40, the best time of the year.

Herman McDonald of Anderson was the leader most of the way in winning the high hurdles in :15.9. This is McDonald's best time.

Olin Carter of Atkins won the low hurdles in :20.4, which is two- tenths of a second off the meet record. This was Carter's best time of the year.

Tracy Lounsbury of Reynolds upset favored Keith Creeson of North Forsyth in the discus with a throw of 153 feet, 6 inches. Eric Weygandt of Reynolds won the shot but felt his toss of 47 feet, 7 inches was not up to what he can do.

Dennis Lewis of Paisley won the high jump at 5 feet, 10 inches, an inch short of the record.

Willie Crosby of Atkins jumped 20 feet, 2 1/2 inches and won the broad jump.

Frankie Koontz of East Forsyth was a surprise winner in the pole vault. Koontz went 11 feet, 6 inches -- by far his best vault of the year.

Atkins' Olin Carter.

E. Forsyth's Marty Beeson.

Not sure about this photo's caption. Crews edged Gunn in the 220-yard Dash (which was run
on a straightaway). This looks more like a 100 than a 220 straightaway. May be the 100 with
2nd-placer James Boyd out of the photo:

Finish of 220

Additional notes:
The track was six lanes.
The 440-yard Dash was run around one curve, with extended straightaways on
the backstretch and homestretch.

From The Twin City Sentinel, Thursday afternoon, May 4, 1967:

afternoon newspaper story

Article after Day 1:

From: The Winston-Salem Journal, Wednesday morning, May 3, 1967

Reynolds Favored In Forsyth Track

By Mary Garber, Staff Reporter

Reynolds wll be the favorite in the All Forsyth track meet to be held at Hanes Park today. Field events start at 3:45 p.m. with the remaining events 30 minutes later.

Reynolds won the meet last year with Paisley finishing second and Atkins third.

Trials were held yesterday in the sprints and hurdles. The track was fast but a steady wind slowed down the runners and kept records from being set.

Herman McDonald of Anderson had the best qualifying time in the 120-yard high hurdles with a :16.5 in the second heat. Artis Woods of Atkins won the first heat in :16.7. Others qualifing were: Jesse Stitt, North Forsyth; Hampton Morgan, West Forsyth; David Enochs, Reynolds and Joe Bridges, Reynolds. Dennis Suich of Reynolds, last year's winner has graduated. The record is :15.2, held by Reid Warren of Reynolds.

Stan Crews of Reynolds had the best time in the 100-yard dash with a :10.3. Jimmie Boyd of Anderson won the first heat in :10.4 and William Gunn of Atkins won the third heat in :10.3. Others qualifying were: David Sherrill, Atkins; Lamard Simpson, Anderson and James Tatum, Carver. Tatum holds the meet record with a :10.2 set last year in the trials. Gunn won the event last year in :10.5. Meet times were slow last year because an afternoon thunderstorm put the track under water.

Thomas Little of Reynolds was the leading qualifier in the 440 with a :52.6 yesterday. Doug Linville of East Forsyth won his heat in :53 and Kendron Reid of Atkins won his in :53.3. Other qualifiers were: James Morris, Anderson; James Parker, Paisley and Steve Gibson, Reynolds. Seven boys qualified because Parker and Gibson finished in a tie.

Hiawatha Gist of Paisley was last year's winner and he has graduated. Gist shares the record with Steve Philo of Reynolds with a :51.5.

Olin Carter of Atkins topped the 180-yard low hurdles yesterday with a :21.5. Gray Fesperman of Parkland won his heat in :22.6 and David Enochs of Reynolds won his heat in 22.2. Other qualifiers were Ron Caffrey, Reynolds; Michael Keit, Paisley; Jesse Stitt, North Forsyth. Terry Duggins of West Forsyth won the low hurdles last year in :21.7 but he has graduated. Warren holds the record with a :20.2.

Crews of Reynolds and Gunn of Atkins both had a :23.4 in the 220 qualifying yesterday. Thomas Little had a :24.1 and Steve Mock of Parkland had a :24.6. All these were heat winners.

Billy McKoy of Atkins, who has graduated, won the 220 last year in :22.8. The record is 22.6, held by Roger Staley or Children's Home.

In other events to be run today:

-- Mile Run -- Phil Beavers of Reynolds, defending champion, has graduated. Time last year was 4:43.5. The record, held by Bruce Rose of Reynolds, is 4:39.8. Marty Beeson of East Forsyth is the favorite today with a best time of 4:44.1.

-- 880 relay -- Atkins won last year in 1:37.6. Atkins will be favored again today with Reynolds a close challenger. Atkins has a 1:30.2 and Reynolds a 1:33.1. Reynolds and North are co-holders of the record with 1:36.0.

-- 880 run --Jack Smith of East Forsyth is defending champion and will return. Last year, Smith won in 2:06.5. The record is 2:01.8, held by Art Jacobsen of Reynolds. Favorite today will be Steve Whicker of East Forsyth, who has a 2:06.

-- Mile relay -- Paisley was last year's winner in 3:41.6. Reynolds is favorite today with a 3:33. Reynolds holds the record with 3:34.2.

-- Shot -- Mike Cox of Reynolds won last year with 45 feet, 11 1/4 inches but is not competing today. Favorite is Eric Weygandt of Reynolds with 49 feet, 1 3/4 inches. The record is 52 feet, 6 1/2 inches, held by John Fagg of Hanes.

-- Discus -- Keith Creason of North Forsyth won last year and is favored again today. Last year Kreeson had a toss of 144 feet, 4 inches. This year he as done 159 feet 11 1/2 inches. The record, held by Fagg of Hanes, is 162 feet.

-- High Jump -- Thomas McElhaney of Anderson and John Tandy of Reynolds tied with 5 feet 6 inches. The height was below the usual because of the very wet takeoff. McElhaney is back but Tandy will not compete. The record is 5 feet, 11 inches, held by Newton Scott of Northwest Forsyth. Steve Mock of Parkland has done 6 feet.

-- Broad Jump -- Terry Duggins of West Forsyth won last year with 19 feet, 1 1/2 inches. The record is 20 feet, 4 1/2 inches, held by Thomas Wolfe of Gray. Ronnie Jenkins of North Forsyth has the best distance with 20 feet, 2 inches.

-- Pole Vault -- Orval Jones of North Forsyth won last year with 11 feet, 6 inches but he has graduated. Joe Testo of Reynolds holds the record with 12 feet, 7 inches. Ron Caffrey of Reynolds is the favorite with 10 feet, 6 inches.

Meet Preview: before Day 1:

Meet Preview.

Day 2 Preview
Source: Wednesday afternoon's Twin City Sentinel May 3, 1967:

All-Forsyth Track Meet
Should Produce Records

Sprinters around the city have waited for today. Yesterday, the fastest men in town stood around the track at Hanes Park and talked with each other.

It is a safe bet that any one of these boys would swap any regular-season victory for a win today.

The races are being run in the All-Forsyth meet at Hanes Park. The boys qualified yesterday and most of the top sprinters made it.

Doug Linville of East Forsyth missed out in the 100-yard dash but qualified in the 220. Timothy Jones missed in the 100 and did not run in the 220.

Jimmie Boyd of Anderson, Stan Crews of Reynolds and William Gunn of Atkins stood at the finish line of the 220 yesterday after all three had qualified. Gunn and Crews, running in different heats, had the same time, :23.4. They agreed today's race was going to be something.

Fine Sprinters Entered

Linville, Steve Mock of Parkland and Thomas Little of Reynolds are also fine springers.

"I don't want to be a judge in the 100," said one of the track coaches who was helping yesterday. "How can you pick places when the runners come across the line shoulder to shoulder. That is the way it's going to be."

Times were slow yesterday because of a wind. But almost everyone thinks the :10.2 record which Jim Tatum set last year in the 100 will fall today.

The 440 is run out of the chute in the county meet and this is different from the regular season.

"We do it this way because it's fairer," said Coach Bill Webster who directs the meet. "There is just too much crowding on the first turn when the 440 is once around the track. Someone might get disqualified."

It is going to be a little crowded today in the straightaway because seven boys will be running in six lanes. One heat ended in a tie for second yesterday when Steve Gibson of Reynolds made a spurt and caught James Parker of Paisley, who slowed up at the finish line.

Most of the boys do not like the straightaway start.

"It seems so long when you look down that track," said one of the runners.

The coaches agreed that it was hard for the boys to know how to pace themselves since they had not run it before. But since it is new to all the runners, it is fair for all.

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