1970 Atlanta Track Classic

(Southeastern Junior Championships)
Saturday - June 6, 1970
Tara Stadium, Jonesboro, GA

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Conducted by the Atlanta Track Club, Inc.
Sponsored by WAGA TV-5.

100-yard Dash
1. Ray Robinson     Florida T.C.     9.6 (Lakeland, FL)
2. Tommy Whatley    McDonough T.C.   9.6
3. Larry Johnican   McDonough T.C.   9.8
4. Bill Mason       UA - Maryland    9.9 (Arundel, Gambrills, MD)
5. Robert Salsberry UA - Lousiana   10.0
6. Jim Parks        So. Ken. Strid. 10.1
Note: Robinson was tied for #2 prep nationally in the 100 for 1970.

220-yard Dash
Result sheet missing.

440-yard Dash
1. Daniel Buggs    Atlanta T.C       48.3 (Avondale HS)
2. Andrew McKinney Bahama TC         48.9
3. Ike Raley       Meridian T.C.     48.9
4. Phillips        No. Carolina T.C. 50.3
5. Johnny Branning Meridian T.C.     50.6
6. Gary Taylor     So Kentucky Strid 51.1

880-yard Run
1. Bob Wheeler  unattached - Maryland  time not avail. (Dulaney, Lutherville, MD)
Result sheet missing.

One-Mile Run
1. Bob Wheeler    UA - Maryland   4:12.7 Meet Record (Dulaney, Lutherville, MD)
2. Bobby Brooks   Atlanta T.C.    4:14.0 (St. Petersburg, Florida)
3. Jim Wilkins    UA              4:14.6 (Roxboro HS)
4. George Bridges Atlanta T.C.    4:17.9
5. Bill Herron    Knoxville T.C   4:19.5
6. Mark Brown     unattached-Tenn 4:20.1
Note: Wheeler was #3 nationally in the mile (4:06.6) in 1970.

Two-Mile Run
1.                  Florida           9:13
2.                  Florida           9:16
3. Scott Eden       UA - Virginia     9:18 (Freeman HS, Richmond, VA)
4.                  Atlanta TC?       9:31
5.                  Florida?          9:37
6. George Phillips  No. Carolina T.C. 9:40.0 (R.J. Reynolds HS, Winston-Salem)
Result sheet missing.

120-yard High Hurdles
1. Steve Demedicis unattached-Maryland 14.1 (Crossland, Cp Spgs, MD)
2. Rick Jones      So Kentucky Str     14.1 (Lafayette, Lexington, KY)
3. Henry Orum      McDonough T.C.      14.5
4. David Chalmers  Atlanta T.C.        14.5
5. Rick Elder      Atlanta T.C.        14.6
6. Mike Houd       So Kentucky Str     15.0

180-yard Low Hurdles
1. Steve Demedicis  unattached-Maryland
Result sheet missing.

440-yard Relay
1. McDonough T.C.   42.1
2. Atlanta T.C.     42.3
3. Okefenokee T.C.  43.4
4. McDonough 'B'    43.4
5. Atlanta T.C. 'B' 43.8
6. Vienna T.C.      45.5

Mile Relay
5. N.C.T.C.       3:28.0
Jeryl Todd, West Charlotte
Rod Lattie, 
James Caldwell, Atkins HS, Winston-Salem
Pete Gibson, West Charlotte
Result sheet missing.

Sprint Medley (220-220-440-880)
(New Event)
Result sheet missing.

Note: Field event results sheet is faded, difficult to 
decipher in 2012.

Long Jump
1. Tony Williamson ATC     23-10 (Washington HS, Atlanta)
2. Rudy Falana     PSC     23-8.5 (Largo, FL)
3. David Chalmers  ATC     22-8.25
4. Jerry Wooden    ATC     23-10 (Sandy Springs, Atlanta)
5. Henry Orum      MCTC    21-11.25
6. Phillip Tucker  ATC     21-10.25
Note: Falana was the #2 prep long jumper nationally (25-0.5) in 1970.
Williamson was #7.

Triple Jump
1. Jerry Wooden     ATC         46-5.5 (Sandy Springs, Atlanta)
2. Johnson          Macon T.C.  46-2.5
3. Tony Williamson  ATC         45-10
4. Abraham Butler   Bahama T.C. 45-8.5
5. Henry Orum       MCTC         45-0.5
6. David Knapp      ATC         43-10.5
Note: Wooden was the #11 H.S. triple jumper nationally (48-2) in 1970.

High Jump
1. Tom West             East Tenn. T.C. 6-2
2.(tie) Robert Primeaux I-Alabama       6-2
2.(tie) Mike Sullivan   FTC             6-2
4.(tie) Edward Nelson   ATC             6-0
4.(tie) Collier         ?               6-0
4.(tie) Wilson          SMS             6-0
4.(tie) Prather         I-Georgia       6-0

Pole Vault
1. Lynn Harrison Lynchburg T.C.  14-0
2. Eason                PTC?            13-7
3. Willis               Independent FL  13-3
4.(tie) Forest Rayford  Independent AL  12-9
4.(tie) Blake           Montgomery T.C. 12-9
6. Phil Jackson         Independent VA  12-3

Shot Put
1. Allan Barger   Independent NC  54-8.5 (Davie County HS, Mocksville)
2. Glynn Griffin  Independent GA  53-6.5
3. White          Macon T.C.      52-9.25
4. Shankweilder   MTC             49-4.5
5. Johns          MTC             48-4.5
6. John Connell   ATC             46-7.5

1. Ulysses Cromity FTC            157-7.25
2. John Connell    ATC            148-9
3. White           Macon T.C.     142-3
4. Hudson          Oke TC         140-7
5. Shankweilder    MTC            134-11.25
6. Bates           SNS            129-3.25

Abbreviations:             Coaches: (from meet program)
A.C. = Athletic Club
T.C. = Track Club
ATC = Atlanta Track Club   Larry Graves, Al Sharpe, Billy Maxwell, Jim Whitt.
BTC = Bahama Track Club    Amos Ferguson, Jerry Harper.
CTC = Carver Track Club    Wallace Davis
CFTC = Central Florida TC  Michael Williams
ETTC = East Tennessee TC   Dan Crowe
FTC = Florida Track Club   Terry Long, Jim Gaines, Larry Monts
FLTC = Fort Lauderdale TC  Harold Chapman
KTC = Knoxville TC         Bill Herron
MCTC = McDonough TC        W.A. Jones
METC = Meridian TC         Joe Walker
MUTC = Murfreesburg TC     Charles Harper
OTC = Okefenokee TC        Manuel Rivas
RTC = Rome Track Club      Harold Connerly
SKS = Southern Kentucky TC Fred Ganter
SLTC = So. Louisiana TC    Melvin Stringer
VTC = Vienna Track Club    Harry B. Ward
WSTC = Winston-Salem TC    James Blackburn
UA = unattached?

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CAPSULE PREVIEW: (from the 1970 meet program)
The 5th annual Atlanta Track Classic at Tara Stadium's track boasts the best field of entries in its five year history. This weekend's affair, one of high school sports' biggest shows, will include a field of 500 athletes representing between 15 to 20 states and will attract fans and members of the press from all areas of the East and South, many from the track conscious Atlantic coast and New York area.

The meet promises to be a spectator's delight, since many of prep's finest athletes will be competing. But in another respect, it will be a sentimental time as some of the fine contestants will be making their final appearance in an official scholastic meet.

Bob Wheeler, Lutherville, Maryland, the national schoolboy record holder in the indoor 600, will be leading the field in an effort to capture a double in the mile and 880. Darwin Bond, East Tennessee Track Club, an outstanding middle distance man, will shoot after his own prestigious record in the 440, of 47.5 which he set in this meet as a sophomore. It still stands as a national-sophomore-class record. Strong competition will come from Eddie Sutton, Florida Track Club, who has run a 47.5.

The Florida Track Club, boasting the greatest collection of sprinters to attend the meet, will go after their third team championship. A fierce battle between the defending host Atlanta Track Club is sure to enliven the afternoon and evening sessions.

Wheeler, with a 1:50.6 half mile and 4:10 mile should have strong competition from Jimmy Wilkins of N.C. at 4:14.1 and Bobby Brooks of Florida at 4:14.2. Brooks is running for his fourth time in the meet and holds the best attendance record.

The field events should offer a delight as well. South Carolina found Rudy Falana, Largo, Florida jumper, lends the field at 25'1/2", but James LeGrand (FTC) at 24'2 1/2" and David Chalmers (Atlanta TC) 23'8" will push all competitors.

The nation's fourth best triple jumper, Jerry Wooden, (Atlanta TC), at 47'11" will lead the field of over 18 entries in that event.

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