1970 Forsyth County Championships

Fri - April 24, 1970
at North Forsyth High School, Winston-Salem, NC

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Track: Dirt/cinders.
Hand timing

Team Scores:
1. Atkins 54
2. East Forsyth 48.5
3. Anderson 36.5
4. North Forsyth 35
5. Parkland 27
6. West Forsyth 22
7. Mount Tabor 19
8. Reynolds 14
9. Carver 1

100-yard dash
1. Jimmy Caldwell, Atkins 9.9
2. Frank Draper, Anderson
3. Carl Moore, Anderson
4. Bobby Clary, Parkland
5. Horace Fulton, Parkland

220-yard dash
1. Jimmy Caldwell, Atkins 22.7
2. Frank Draper, Anderson
3. Carl Moore, Anderson
4. Bobby Clary, Parkland
5. Waldo Hauser, Carver

1. Phil Coleman, East Forsyth 50.8
2. Ronnie Hoots, Mount Tabor
3. John Swajkoski, West Forsyth
4. Ricky Wade, North Forsyth
5. Perry, East Forsyth

1. Mike Fulp, East Forsyth 2:03.5
2. Fred Garvey, Mount Tabor
3. Nifong, West Forsyth
4. Carpenter, Parkland
5. Fisher, Mount Tabor

Mile Run
1. George Phillips, Reynolds 4:29.0
(New Meet Record)
2. Jim Gould, West Forsyth
3. Summerford, East Forsyth
4. Lorenzo Worthy, Anderson
5. Key, Parkland

2-Mile Run
1. Mike Doub, North Forsyth 10:20.9
(New Event)
2. Billy Royal, Parkland
3. Flemming, Atkins
4. Ferris, East Forsyth
5. Robey, West Forsyth

120y High Hurdles
1. Willis Miller, Atkins 15.2
(Tied Meet Record)
2. Sam Kinzer, Parkland
3. Danny Robertson, East Forsyth
4. Eddie Harry, Anderson
5. Jimmy Binkley, Reynolds 15.2

180y Low Hurdles
1. Larry Hatten, Atkins 20.6
2. Don Wheaton, Reynolds
3. Sam Morgan, Mount Tabor
4. Keith Griffin, Parkland
5. Eddie Harry, Anderson

4x200m Relay
1. Anderson 1:33.3
(Draper, Gist, Wardlow, Moore)
2. Atkins
3. Parkland
4. East Forsyth
5. North Forsyth

4x400m Relay
1. Atkins 3:28.0
(New Meet Record)
(Larry Hatten, Robert Redd,
Jimmy Caldwell, Willis Miller)
2. East Forsyth
3. West Forsyth
4. ?
5. Anderson

Sprint Medley Relay
(440, 220, 220, 880-yards)
1. East Forsyth 3:48.4
(New Event)
(Phil Coleman, Robertson,
Forcum, Montgomery)
2. Anderson
3. Atkins

Long Jump
1. Charles Sykes, North Forsyth 22-6
(New Meet Record)
2. Willis Miller, Atkins
3. Robert Redd, Atkins
4. Bobby Clary, Parkland
5. Nellums, Atkins

High Jump
1. Darryl Blankenship, West Forsyth 5-8
2. Charles Robinson, Atkins 5-8
3. Chris Cofer, Reynolds
4. Les Erwin, Parkland
5. (tie) Jim Durham, North Forsyth
5. (tie) Dwain Aikens, Anderson)

Pole Vault
1. Ted Yates, Parkland 11-0
2. Phil Chapman, Mount Tabor
3. Smith, West Forsyth
4. Kinzer, Anderson
5. Larry Hatten, Atkins

1. Greg Burke, North Forsyth 52-8.5
2. Sam Crews, East Forsyth
3. Brad Mullinaux, East Forsyth
4. Bost, West Forsyth
5. James Smith, Atkins

1. Sam Crews, East Forsyth 143-10
2. Greg Burke, North Forsyth
3. Mullinaux, East Forsyth
4. Bane, Mount Tabor
5. Lucas, Mount Tabor

Atkins High School won the All-Forsyth meet for the second straight year, receiving the Twin City Kiwanis Club trophy. The Camels were coached by Robert Moore.

Most Valuable Athlete: Jimmy Caldwell (Atkins).

Three meet records fell, one was tied, and records were set in two new events (2-mile and Sprint Medley).

North's Charles Sykes destroyed the LJ record with a leap of 22-6, also a new all-time city record. The previous meet record was 21-9 set the previous year by Reynolds' Larry Reeves. Sykes had broken the city record a week earlier with a 22-4.75.

Reynolds' George Phillips took five seconds off the meet record for the Mile, with a 4:29.0, bettering the record of 4:34 set the previous year by North's Frank Carroll.

Atkins broke the Mile Relay record they had set the previous year, taking 1.9 seconds off their record with a 3:28.0.

The anchor of Atkins' Mile Relay, Willis Miller, earlier tied the meet record of 15.2 in the High Hurdles set the previous year by Atkins' Alfred Adams.

The meet was originally scheduled for Thursday night 4/23, but was postponed by a thunderstorm to Friday. The high jump was the only event completed Thursday.

The meet was sponsored by the North Forsyth HS Key Club, and the Twin City Kiwanis club.

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