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The NCHSAA began official State Championships for boys and girls Indoor Track & Field in 1987.

Brett Honeycutt, in researching old newspaper archives and school yearbooks, has found some interesting historic material on NC high school indoor track decades before that. (!)

The earliest:

March 10, 1922
At the Star Brick Warehouse, Durham

NOTE: information mainly from newspapers, The Tar Heel and Durham Morning Herald, but also from the Maroon & Gold, Elon's student newspaper

***The Durham Herald said, "In every athletic meet of like character, there are outstanding events. The first North Carolina indoor meet proved no exception to the rule."

**"The indoor meet in Durham was the first of its kind held in this state" reported by the Maroon and Gold (Elon student newspaper)

*First Annual, in conjunction with a college meet, elementary meet, military meet, and YMCA and Club meet.

*3,000 spectators were there, and "the 35-piece N.C. State band furnished music throughout the evening, and gave lots of pep to the rooters." ... was there as well as local officials (and people dressed in formal attire) ... there was also a free dance afterward at the Big Four warehouse.

**The meet began at 7 p.m. and ended at 10:30 p.m.
**Sports editors at various newspapers scored the meet
**Nationally famous starter J.W. Mulligan started the meet.

**Honorary Games Committee: Durham Mayor J.H. Manning (Chairman); Trinity College (which 2 years later became Duke Univ.) President Dr. W.P. Few; University of North Carolina President Dr. H.W. Chase; State College (NC State) President Dr. W.C. Riddick; Wake Forest College President Dr. W.L. Poteat; Elon College President Dr. W.A. Harper; Guilford College President, Dr. Raymond Dinfords; Davidson College President, Dr. M.J. Martin; State Superintendent of Education Dr. E.C. Brooks; Adjutant General of North Carolina General J.B. Metts; Commander of the 120th infantry Col. Scott; The News & Observer Editor, Josephus Daniels; Commander of the U.C.V., General Julain S. Carr; Cotton Manufacturer, W.A. Ervin; District Highway Commissioner, J.S. Hill; President of the Durham Chamber of Commerce, M.E. Newsome; Assistant Adjusant General of North Carolina, Major Gordon Smith; 117th Field Artillary, Major John Harrelson;

**Interesting note: "(Roy) Blackman, a youth of West Durham High School, entering the high jump, with only one leg, and pressing men with two legs, winning fourth place was the real feature of the meet. His final jump was over 5 feet. Each time that he jumped he contrived to keep his balance. He was cheered constantly by the spectators. After the event, a collection was taken by a Durham cop and enough money was secured to buy an artificial limb for him. In addition to being able to jump, he has also shown his stuff behind the bat as catcher for his high school team." Tar Heel.

Team Results:
1. Chapel Hill 15
2. Selma 9
(also competing:
Durham High, but it was "divided into three districts: East, West and Central Durham"
Oxford, Greensboro, Tarboro, Fayetteville, Burlington, Raleigh)

50-yard dash
1. Thomas (Charlotte)
2. Branch (Selma)
3. Renfro (Selma)

220-yard dash
1. Goins (Burlington)
2. Thomas (Charlotte)
3. Renfro (Selma)
4. Hicks (Selma)

Half-Mile Relay
1. Goins (Burlington) 1:30 4/5 (1:30.8)
2. Mitchell (Oxford)
3. Wilkins (Charlotte)
4. Terrill (Charlotte)

Running High Jump
1. Bynum (Chapel Hill), 5-4
2. Tilly (Chapel Hill)
3. Roberts (Chapel Hill)
4. Blackman (West Durham)

12-pound Shot Put
1. Roberts (Chapel Hill) 38-4.5
2. Brummitt (Oxford)
3. Clifton (East Durham)
4. Hicks (Selma)

1923 Indoor Meet in Goldsboro:

"GOLDSBORO, Jan. 24. - The first indoor track meet ever held here (Goldsboro) will be staged in a tobacco warehouse February 9. School athletes of this city will participate. Wilmington, Wilson, Rocky Mount and Kinston schools will be invited to send teams for a relay race to determine the ..."

(and then the article just stops...) - The Kinston Free Press, Jan. 27, 1923

"Many high school athletes participated in an indoor track meet at Goldsboro, held in a tobacco warehouse, Friday night. Goldsboro athletes won most of the events, with Warsaw girls taking a share of the honors. Kinston representatives did not participate."

- The Daily Free Press (Kinston, NC), Feb. 10, 1923

March 9, 1923
At the Star Brick Warehouse, Durham

**Held in conjunction with the second annual state intercollegiate track meet

*10 high schools were expected to participate

Teams expected to participate: Burlington, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Durham, Godlsboro, Greensboro, Oxford, Selma, ...

Results are being researched ...old Durham Herald newspaper

After the 1922 and 1923 meets in Durham's Star Brick Warehouse, there was a 5-6 year lapse, before the indoor meet picked up again in 1929, held in UNC's original Tin Can. The indoor meet remained on high school schedules to start the OUTDOOR season, it appears, because the meets were always around March 8, 9, 10 or thereabout.

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 2, 1929
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**It was called the "First Annual" even though it said a few years had passed since they had the last indoor track meet

**Only 4 events for high schools (it was coupled with a college and freshmen meet, too)

**11 high schools, 125 athletes

Team Scores:
1. Charlotte Central 19
2. Wilmington 10
3 (tie). Asheville, Greensboro

880-yard relay: Charlotte Central

60-yard dash: Hancock, Wilmington

60-yard low hurdles: Smith, Wilmington

High Jump: Wood, Charlotte Central

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 8, 1930
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the first annual Southern Conference track meet

Team Scores:
1. Augusta Military (Virginia) 22
2. Charlotte Central 15.5
3. Atlanta Tech 8
4 (tie). Raleigh, High Point, 7

Mile Relay: Atlanta Tech

**No other event results were given

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 7, 1931
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the Southern Conference track meet

15 high school at prep schools, 144 athletes

(Bailey Military from North Carolina; Baylor School of TN; Boys' High School of Atlanta; Charlotte Central; Greensboro; High Point; Oak Ridge; Raleigh; RJ Reynolds; Salisbury; Tech of Atlanta; Wilmington; Woodberry Forest,

Team Points:
1. Greensboro 11.33
2. High Point 11.17
3 (tie). Atlanta Boy's High 8.33
3 (tie). Wilmington 8.33
5. Winston-Salem 7.67
6. Charlotte Central 7.17
7. Atlanta Tech 6
8 (tie). Raleigh 5
8 (tie). Madison A&M 5
10. Woodberry Forest 5
11. Bailey 1

60-yard dash:
1. Gunn (Woodberry Forest), 6 3/5 (6.6)
2. Moore (Atlanta Tech)
3. Gunter (Greensboro)
4. Hancock (Bailey Military Academy

70-yard low hurdles:
1. Robinson (Wilmington), 8 4/5 (8.8)
2. Thrash (Atlanta Boy’s High)
3. Saule (Charlotte Central)

70-yard high hurdles:
1. Sockwell (Greensboro), 10.0
2. Thrash (Atlanta Boy’s High)
3. Abernethy (Greensboro)
4. Stothard (Charlotte Central)

1,000-yard run:
1. Harry Williamson (High Point), 2:22 2/5 (2:22.4)
2. R. Hudson (Raleigh)
3. S. Hudson (Raleigh)
4. Cadman (RJ Reynolds)

One-Mile Relay:
1. High Point, 3:47 4/5 (3:47.8)
2. Atlanta Tech
3. Charlotte Central

High Jump:
1 (tie). Thornton (RJ Reynolds), Pike (RJ Reynolds) and Kuhkler (Wilmington), 5-4

4 (tie). Baxter (Atlanta Boys High), Hayes (Boys High), Sackwell (Greensboro), Abernathy (Greensboro), Hawthorne (Charlotte Central), Sams (High Point)

Shot Put:
1. Williams (High Point) 53-9.25
2. Sutton (Charlotte Central)
3. Norman (Greensboro)
3. Sizemore (High Point)

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 5, 1932
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the Southern Conference track meet

Team Results:
1. Atlanta (GA) Boy's High 15.5
2. Hargrave Military, 9.5
3. Atlanta (GA) Tech, 9
4. High Point, 8.5
5. RJ Reynolds, 7.5
6. Richmond (VA) John Marshall, 3

70-yard High Hurdles
1. Hays (Atlanta Boy's High)

High Jump:
Thornton, RJ Reynolds, 5-9

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 5, 1933
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the Southern Conference track meet

17 High Schools and Prep Schools competing

Schools competing: Asheville School; Atlanta Boy's High; Charlotte Central; Darlington; Durham; Newark (NJ) Episcopal High; Greensboro; Hargrave Military; High Point; Morristown (TN); RJ Reynolds; Richmond (VA) John Marshall; Rock Hill (SC); Salisbury; Sanford; Wilmington; Woodberry Forest;

Team Results:
1. Newark (NJ) Prep, 23
2 (tie). Atlanta Boy's High, 10
2 (tie). Newark (NJ) Episcopal High, 10
4. Richmond (VA) John Marshall, 6

60-yard dash:
1. Ward (Atlanta Boy's High), 6.6 (ties old record)
2. Stone (Newark Prep)
3. Turner (John Marshall)
4. Haxton (Newark Prep)

70-yard high hurdles:
1. Horter (Newark Prep), 9.1 (new record)
2. Tufts (Episcopal)
3. Hawley (John Marshall)
4. Shirley (Episcopal)

1,000-yard run:
1. O'Keefe (Newark Prep), 2:23.4
2. Lautenschlager (Newark Prep)
3. Headley (Newark Prep)
4. Reid (Newark Prep)

One-Mile Relay:
1. Newark Prep, 3:35.0 (new record)
2. Episcopal
3. John Marshall
4. RJ Reynolds

High Jump:
1. Arnold (Atlanta Boy's High), 5-10.5 (record)
2. Sams (High Point)
3. Bryan (Episcopal)
4. Noble (Episcopal)

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 10, 1934
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the Southern Conference track meet

Team Results:
1. Atlanta Boy's High, 17
2. Newark (NJ) Prep, 9
3. Woodberry Forest (VA) 7
4. Morristown (TN) 6
5 (tie). Asheville School 3
5 (tie). Hargrave Military Academy 3
5 (tie). High Point High School 3
5 (tie). Williamsburg (MD) High 3

60-yard dash
1. Stevens (Atlanta Boy's High), 6.5 (new record)
2. Young (Williamsburg)
3. Ward (Atlanta Boy's High)
4. Willard Freeman (Newark Prep)

1,000-yard run
1. Overholt (Morristown) 2:25.2
2. White (Hargrave Military)
3. Esposito (Newark Prep)
4. Kneen (Newark Prep)

70-yard High Hurdles
1. Barrow (Woodberry Forest), 9.6
2. Jones (Atlanta Boy's High)
3. Davis (Woodberry Forest)
4. Potts (High Point)

One-Mile Relay
1. Newark Prep 3:41.8
(Willard Freeman, Esposito, Walter Freeman, Kneen)
2. Asheville School
3. John Marshall (Richmond, VA)
4. Morristown (TN)

High Jump
1. Arnold (Atlanta Boy's High), 6-0 (new record)
2 (tie). Perry (Atlanta Boy's High)
2 (tie). Pike (RJ Reynolds)
2 (tie). M. Sams (High Point)

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 9, 1935
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the Southern Conference track meet

Team Results:
1 (tie). Newark Prep (NJ), 15
1 (tie). McKinley Tech (WA), 15
3. John Marshall (Richmond, VA), 7
4. Atlanta Boy's High, 3
5 (tie). Durham, 2
5 (tie). Newport News (VA), 2
5 (tie). High Point, 2
5 (tie). Goldsboro, 2
9. Old Town, 1

60-yard dash:
1. Wilson (Newark Prep), 6.7
2. Hopkins (John Marshall, VA)
3. Southerland (Durham)
4. Lynch (McKinley Tech)

1,000-yard run:
1. Cocuzza (Newark Prep, NJ), 2:26.4
2. Hardy (John Marshall, VA)
3. Davis (Goldsboro)
4. Holt (Old Town)

70-yard high hurdles:
1. Emmerich (McKinley High), 9.8
2. Thrash (Boy's High)
3. Wilson (Durham)
4. Knight (Atlanta Boy's High)

Mile Relay
1. Newark Prep, NJ, 3:40.3
(Duffy, Cocuzza, Movitch, Wilson)
2. McKinley, WA
3. Durham
4. John Marshall, VA

High Jump:
1. McKenna (McKinley, Wash.) 5-9
2. Perry (Atlanta Boy's High)
3. March (McKinley, Wash.)
4. Sams (High Point)

Winter Track & Field Carnival
March 7, 1936
At University of North Carolina's Tin Can

**Held in conjunction with the Southern Conference track meet

Team Results:

60-yard dash
1. Thomas (McKinley Tech, WA), 6.7
2. Hennis (Fork Union, VA)
3. Haske (McKinley Tech, WA)
4. Rion (Columbia High)

1,000-yard run
1. Hardy (John Marshall, VA), 2:29.6
2. Carter (Newport News, VA)
3. McClenny (Goldsboro)
4. James (Goldsboro)

70-yard high hurdles
1. Preble (Glass, VA), 9.5
2. Fuller (Woodberry Forest, VA)
3. Rion (Columbia High)
4. March (McKinley Tech, WA)

One-Mile Relay
1. John Marshall, VA, 3:46.0
(Bew, Booke, Gillett, Hardy)
2. Newport News
3. Durham
4. Columbia High

High Jump
1. March (McKinley Tech, WA), 5-10
2. Dodd (Newport News, VA)
3 (tie). Black (Greensboro)
3 (tie). Via (Newport News, VA)
3 (tie). Ashburn (Winston-Salem RJ Reynolds)

... will resume later with 1937 results  

Notes: The Tar Heel later became The Daily Tar Heel.  

Photos, more of UNC's original "Tin Can"

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