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4-A Classification - Boys:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 Pfaff. Reagan    Pfaff. Reagan    E. Mecklenburg   Cary
2018 N. Mecklenburg   Pfaff. Reagan    Cary             Cary Green Hope
2017 W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Char Mallard Ck  Cary Green Hope
2016 Mallard Creek    Hoke County      Overhills        Cary Green Hope
2015 Mallard Creek    Mallard Creek    S.E. Raleigh     S.E. Raleigh
2014 Mallard Creek    Matthews Butler  S.E. Raleigh     W-S Mount Tabor
2013 Wake Forest-Role Mallard Creek    Knightdale       Knightdale
2012 Knightdale       Raleigh Enloe    Knightdale       Winston-Salem Reagan
2011 Ral. Millbrook   Knightdale       Knightdale       Ardrey Kell
2010 Knightdale       Charlotte Vance  S.E. Raleigh     Ral. Broughton
2009 W-S Mount Tabor  West Charlotte   New Bern         New Bern
2008 Matthews Butler  Matthews Butler  New Bern         New Bern
2007 West Charlotte   S.E. Raleigh     West Charlotte   New Bern
2006 Charlotte Vance  West Charlotte   Charlotte Vance  Pinecrest
2005 Ral. Sanderson   Ral. Sanderson   Apex             Pinecrest
2004 West Charlotte   Ral. Sanderson   S.E. Raleigh     S.E. Raleigh
2003 Char Providence  West Charlotte   S.E. Raleigh     North Forsyth
2002 Scotland County  W-S Mount Tabor  S. Mecklenburg   North Forsyth
2001 W-S Mount Tabor  Lumberton        Jacksonville     Ral. Leesville Rd
2000 Garner           Garner           East Mecklenburg Watauga
1999 Fay. Byrd        Fay. Byrd        Fay. Smith       West Charlotte
1998 W-S Mount Tabor  Lumberton        East Mecklenburg West Charlotte
1997 W-S Mount Tabor  East Mecklenburg East Mecklenburg West Charlotte
1996 Char Garinger    Char Garinger    Fay. Pine Forest Apex
1995 West Charlotte   Lumberton        Fay. Pine Forest East Mecklenburg
1994 Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside  Fay. Pine Forest Ral. Millbrook
1993 Durham Hillside  Durham Jordan    Jacksonville     Ral. Millbrook
1992 Greenville Rose  Gbo Grimsley     Durham Hillside  Northern Nash
1991 South View       Char Olympic     Fay. Byrd        Ral. Athens Drive
1990 North Forsyth    Fay. 71st        Wilson Fike      Char Harding
1989 Fay. Byrd        Fay. Byrd        Durham Hillside  W-S Mount Tabor
1988 Jacksonville     Fay. Byrd        Smithfield-Selma Watauga
1987 Fay. Byrd        Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside  (event began in '88)
1986 H.P. Andrews     Kern. Glenn      Gbo Grimsley
 - - - - All classifications combined: - - - -
1985 Independence     Wilson Fike      Independence
1984 Ral. Broughton   Independence     Oxford Webb
1983 Lee County       Char Myers Park  Wilson Fike
                      880-yard relay:
1982 Henderson Vance  Greeenville Rose Fay. Westover
1981 Northern Durham  Northern Durham  Fay. Smith
1980 Northern Durham  Char Myers Park  Ahoskie
440-yard relay:
1979 Northern Durham  Northern Durham  Fay. Smith
(event began in '79)
1978                  Tarboro          Richmond County
1977                  Richmond County  Richmond County
1976                  Independence     Independence
1975                  West Mecklenburg Gbo Grimsley
1974                  Fay. Smith       Tarboro
1973                  Goldsboro        Fay. 71st
1972                  W-S Parkland     Char Myers Park
1971                  W-S Atkins       W-S Atkins
1970                  West Charlotte   Char Myers Park
1969                  Fay. Sanford     W-S Atkins
1968                  Jacksonville     Char Myers Park
1967                  Char Myers Park  Char Myers Park
1966                  Char Myers Park  unknown
1965                  Char Myers Park  West Mecklenburg
1964                  Ral. Broughton   Char Garinger
1963                  Char Myers Park  Char Myers Park
                      (event began in '63)
                                       Click here for pre-1963
                                       mile-relay champions.

4-A Classification - Girls:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 S.E. Raleigh     S.E. Raleigh     Char Providence  Char Myers Park
2018 S.E. Raleigh     S.E. Raleigh     Char Providence  Ral. Cardinal Gibbons
2017 H.P. Central     Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside  W-S Mount Tabor
2016 S.E. Raleigh     W-S Parkland     S.E. Raleigh     Raleigh Leesville Rd
2015 Mallard Creek    W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Cary
2014 W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Cary
2013 W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Broughton
2012 W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Ral. Wakefield   Broughton
2011 West Mecklenburg West Mecklenburg Ral. Wakefield   Cary
2010 West Mecklenburg Ral. Wakefield   Ral. Wakefield   Cary
2009 S.E. Raleigh     S.E. Raleigh     Ral. Millbrook   Char Myers Park
2008 Char Harding     Char Myers Park  W-S Mount Tabor  Char Myers Park
2007 Char Harding     Char Harding     Char Harding     N.W. Guilford
2006 Char Harding     Char Harding     Char Harding     Char Myers Park
2005 West Charlotte   Char Harding     Char Harding     Green Hope
2004 Charlotte Vance  Char Harding     Char Harding     S.E. Raleigh
2003 Char Harding     W-S Mount Tabor  Char Harding     W-S Mount Tabor
2002 Fay. Jack Britt  Independence     Independence     W-S Mount Tabor
2001 Independence     W-S RJ Reynolds  W-S RJ Reynolds  W-S Mount Tabor
2000 Char Olympic     Independence     West Charlotte   S.E. Raleigh
1999 Independence     Independence     Independence     Watauga
1998 Independence     West Mecklenburg East Mecklenburg Watauga
1997 West Mecklenburg Jacksonville     Watauga          Cary
1996 Fay. Pine Forest West Mecklenburg Fay. Pine Forest West Mecklenburg
1995 Char Harding     Fay. Pine Forest Fay. Pine Forest East Mecklenburg
1994 New Bern         North Forsyth    North Forsyth    East Mecklenburg
1993 Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       Jacksonville     Cary
1992 Fay. Pine Forest New Bern         Gbo Smith        Fayetteville 71st
1991 New Bern         Jacksonville     Gbo Smith        East Mecklenburg
1990 New Bern         New Bern         Gbo Dudley       Durham Hillside
1989 New Bern         Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley
1988 Gast. Ashbrook   Richmond County  Gast. Ashbrook   East Mecklenburg
1987 Gast. Ashbrook   Gbo Grimsley     Gbo Grimsley     (event began in '88)
1986 Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       
- - - - - All classifications combined: - - - - -
1985 Jacksonville     H.P. Andrews     Gbo Dudley
1984 Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       H.P. Andrews
1983 N. Mecklenburg   Northern Durham  Wilson Fike
1982 East Forsyth     Northern Durham  H.P. Andrews
1981 Goldsboro        H.P. Andrews     Richmond County
1980 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Goldsboro
440-yard relay:       880-yd relay:
1979 Pinecrest        Gbo Dudley       Hoke County
1978 East Guilford    Fay. Reid Ross   Durham Jordan
1977 Gbo Dudley       Fay. Reid Ross   Durham Jordan
1976 Hoke County      Hoke County      Char Myers Park
1975 H.P. Andrews     Hoke County      Lejeune
1974 Ragsdale         Hoke County      Hoke County
1973 Hoke County      New Bern         Hoke County
1972 Hoke County      Hoke County      Hoke County
(Girls track began in 1972)

3-A Classification - Boys:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 Monroe Parkwood  Kann. AL Brown   Weddington       Weddington
2018 Burl. Williams   Burl. Williams   Jax. White Oak   Weddington
2017 Weddington       West Craven      Wax. Cuthbertson Weddington
2016 Sun Valley       Sun Valley       Jacksonville     Richlands
2015 Sun Valley       Sun Valley       West Carteret    Ral. Card. Gibbons
2014 Morg. Freedom    N.E. Guilford    Piedmont         No. Guilford
2013 No. Guilford     South Central    No. Guilford     Chapel Hill
2012 Char Berry Acad  Southern Nash    Char Berry Acad  Char Berry Acad
2011 Mount Pleasant   Kings Mountain   Fay. Byrd        Eastern Alamance
2010 Crest            Crest            Fay. Byrd        Eastern Alamance
2009 Marvin Ridge     S.E. Guilford    Marvin Ridge     Marvin Ridge
2008 South Johnston   W-S Carver       W-S Carver       Asheville
2007 W-S Carver       H.P. Andrews     Nash Central     Franklin
2006 H.P. Andrews     W-S Parkland     Jacksonville     T.C. Roberson
2005 Asheville        Crest            Nash Central     T.C. Roberson
2004 Crest            Gbo Smith        Gbo Smith        Weddington
2003 T.C. Roberson    Gbo Smith        Gbo Dudley       Mooresville
2002 Crest            Southern Durham  Gbo Dudley       Mooresville
2001 H.P. Andrews     Oxford Webb      Western Guilford White Oak
2000 Oxford Webb      Durham Hillside  Gbo Smith        Asheville
1999 Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside  Southern Nash    North Buncombe
1998 Durham Hillside  Gbo Dudley       Southern Nash    North Buncombe
1997 Harnett Central  S.E. Guilford    S.E. Guilford    North Buncombe
1996 H.P. Andrews     S.E. Guilford    S.E. Guilford    Franklin
1995 Oxford Webb      H.P. Andrews     Burl. Williams   Franklin
1994 Wilson Fike      Bertie           Franklin         Franklin
1993 H.P. Central     H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Franklin
1992 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Sun Valley
1991 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     North Buncombe
1990 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Pender           North Buncombe
1989 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews
1988 Bertie           Bertie           H.P. Andrews     Sun Valley
1987 Wilkes Central   Asheboro         East Wake        (event began in '88)
(1987 was the first year that 3-A schools competed in their own classification.)

3-A Classification - Girls:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Durham Hillside  Chapel Hill
2018 W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     Durham Hillside  Chapel Hill
2017 Asheville Erwin  No. Guilford     Nash Central     Chapel Hill
2016 Cox Mill         Eastern Guilford Nash Central     Waxhaw Cuthbertson
2015 Rocky Mount      Rocky Mount      En. Guilford     Marvin Ridge
2014 Weddington       En. Guilford     Fay. Westover    Ashv Reynolds
2013 Char Berry Acad  Char Berry Acad  Fay. Westover    West Carteret
2012 Fay. Westover    Burl. Williams   Marvin Ridge     Marvin Ridge
2011 South Central    South Central    North Buncombe   Card. Gibbons
2010 South Central    South Central    Weddington       Marvin Ridge
2009 W-S Parkland     Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       T.C. Roberson
2008 South Central    Gbo Dudley       Gbo Dudley       T.C. Roberson
2007 W-S Parkland     N.E. Guilford    Gbo Dudley       Sun Valley
2006 H. P. Andrews    W-S Parkland     W-S Parkland     T.C. Roberson
2005 Kern. Glenn      Gbo Smith        Durham Hillside  T.C. Roberson
2004 Gbo Smith        Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside
2003 Kern. Glenn      Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside  Durham Hillside
2002 S.W. Guilford    S.W. Guilford    Durham Hillside  Eastern Wayne
2001 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Gbo Smith        Durham Hillside
2000 Durham Hillside  H.P. Andrews     Gbo Smith        T.C. Roberson
1999 Gbo Dudley       Hickory          Gbo Smith        S.W. Guilford
1998 Gbo Dudley       Southern Nash    Gbo Dudley       T.C. Roberson
1997 H.P. Central     Hickory          Southern Nash    T.C. Roberson
1996 Wilson Fike      Wilson Fike      Wilson Fike      T.C. Roberson
1995 Southern Durham  Southern Durham  Southern Durham  Franklin
1994 Wilson Fike      Wilson Fike      Tarboro          Sun Valley
1993 Burl. Cummings   H.P. Central     Tarboro          Sun Valley
1992 H.P. Central     North Lenoir     H.P. Andrews     Sun Valley
1991 North Lenoir     Lexington        Tarboro          Sun Valley
1990 Statesville      H.P. Andrews     Tarboro          N.W. Guilford
1989 Harnett Central  Tarboro          Tarboro          Sun Valley
1988 T.C. Roberson    T.C. Roberson    Burl. Williams   Washington
1987 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Burl. Cummings   (event began in '88)

2-A Classification - Boys:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 Anson County     Northeastern     Croatan          First Flight
2018 Forest Hills     Forest Hills     Croatan          Croatan
2017 Forest Hills     North Brunswick  Croatan          Croatan
2016 North Brunswick  Lincolnton       Northeastern     Northeastern
2015 Bunn             Bunker Hill      Cent Acad Tech   Polk County
2014 W-S Carver       W-S Carver       N. Brunswick     NC Sci & Math
2013 Bunn             Forest Hills     Beddingfield     Cedar Ridge
2012 Forest Hills     Forest Hills     Beddingfield     Beddingfield
2011 Berry Academy    Berry Academy    Berry Academy    Berry Academy
2010 Tarboro          St. Pauls        Kinston          Berry Academy
2009 Tarboro          Shelby           North Pitt       Brevard
2008 Shelby           Shelby           Brevard          Brevard
2007 Forest Hills     Southern Vance   Forest Hills     Card. Gibbons
2006 Forest Hills     Monroe           West Henderson   Reidsville
2005 Graham           West Caldwell    Croatan          Reidsville
2004 West Caldwell    North Rowan      Reidsville       Reidsville
2003 Northern Vance   North Rowan      Eastern Alamance North Henderson
2002 Lexington        H.P. Andrews     H.P Andrews      North Henderson
2001 Lexington        Lexington        H.P. Central     North Henderson
2000 Lexington        Newton-Conover   Shelby           Lincolnton
1999 North Stanly     Northern Vance   Northern Vance   Owen
1998 West Iredell     Roanoke Rapids   Northern Vance   Owen
1997 West Montgomery  North Rowan      North Rowan      Owen
1996 Western Guilford North Rowan      North Rowan      Clayton
1995 Burl. Cummings   North Rowan      North Rowan      Northside
1994 Ayden-Grifton    North Rowan      Hendersonville   Murphy

2-A Classification - Girls:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 Lexington        L Norman Charter Ledford          Carrboro
2018 L Norman Charter Burl. Cummings   Croatan          North Lincoln
2017 H.P. Andrews     H.P. Andrews     Croatan          First Flight
2016 Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   North Rowan      Smoky Mountain
2015 Burl. Cummings   Kinston          Newton-Conover   East Lincoln
2014 Beddingfield     Monroe           Dur Sch of Arts  NC Sci & Math
2013 H.P. Andrews     St. Paul's       Carrboro         Carrboro
2012 St. Pauls        St. Paul's       Polk County      Carrboro
2011 W-S Carver       St. Paul's       Polk County      Carrboro
2010 St. Pauls        St. Paul's       Burl. Cummings   Carrboro
2009 Cedar Ridge      Cedar Ridge      Swansboro        Card. Gibbons
2008 Hibriten         Hibriten         Card. Gibbons    Card. Gibbons
2007 Hibriten         Hibriten         Dur Sch of Arts  Card. Gibbons
2006 Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   North Henderson  Card. Gibbons
2005 H.P. Andrews     Eastern Alamance Eastern Alamance West Henderson
2004 Northside Onslow Northside Onslow Northside Onslow Brevard
2003 Southern Vance   H.P. Andrews     West Wilkes      Brevard
2002 H.P. Andrews     Southern Vance   Northern Vance   North Henderson
2001 Edenton Holmes   Southern Vance   Swansboro        Brevard
2000 Edenton Holmes   Northern Vance   Edenton Holmes   Owen
1999 Northern Vance   East Carteret    Currituck        North Stanly
1998 East Carteret    East Carteret    North Rowan      Surry Central
1997 Western Guilford Western Guilford South Granville  Southwest Guilford
1996 Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   East Henderson   NC Sch Sci & Math
1995 Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   Owen
1994 Salisbury        Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   West Henderson

1-A Classification - Boys:

     4x100m Relay      4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------      ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 Edenton Holmes    Edenton Holmes   Mtn Isl Charter  Murphy
2018 Pender County     Edenton Holmes   Avery County     Lincoln Charter
2017 Wallace-Rose Hill Mount Airy       W-S Atkins       W-S Atkins
2016 West Montgomery   Mount Airy       Rosewood         South Davidson
2015 West Montgomery   Southside        Rosewood         Research Triangle
2014 N. Edgecombe      Murphy           Cherryville      Murphy
2013 Union             Monroe           Monroe           NC Sci & Math
2012 Monroe            Monroe           Monroe           NC Sci & Math
2011 North Rowan       West Montgomery  Swain County     NC Sci & Math
2010 Monroe            Hendersonville   Murphy           Hendersonville
2009 W-S Prep          Hendersonville   Hendersonville   Hendersonville
2008 Union             Hendersonville   Hendersonville   East Wilkes
2007 Jordan-Matthews   Jordan-Matthews  Dixon            NC Sci & Math
2006 Jordan-Matthews   Jordan-Matthews  Heide Trask      South Stokes
2005 Southside         North Brunswick  Robbinsville     Murphy
2004 Heide Trask       Heide Trask      Lejeune          Surry Central
2003 South Stanly      Williamston      Southside        Surry Central
2002 Thomasville       Thomasville      Camden           Surry Central
2001 Thomasville       Pamlico          West Davidson    South Davidson
2000 Pamlico           Pamlico          Pamlico          Swain
1999 Pamlico           Burl. Cummings   Red Springs      Hendersonville
1998 Midway            Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   Murphy
1997 South Robeson     South Robeson    Camden           Southwest Onslow
1996 Williamston       Camden           Hayesville       Surry Central
1995 Lejeune           Richlands        Williamston      Murphy
1994 Williamston       Weldon           Williamston      Murphy

1-A Classification - Girls:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
2020 no meet/pandemic 
2019 East Carteret    L Norman Charter missing          Franklin Academy
2018 Murphy           Southside        Polk County      Franklin Academy
2017 East Carteret    Bessemer City    Swain County     Swain County
2016 W-S Prep Acad    Bessemer City    Swain County     Mount Airy
2015 W-S Prep Acad    W-S Prep Acad    C. S./Davidson   Swain County
2014 W-S Prep Acad    Murphy           Elkin            Bish. McGuinness
2013 W-S Prep Acad    Monroe           Murphy           Bish. McGuinness
2012 W-S Prep Acad    Monroe           West Wilkes      Mount Airy
2011 North Rowan      Monroe           Monroe           Gray Stone Day
2010 North Rowan      North Rowan      NC Sci & Math    NC Science & Math
2009 W-S Prep Acad    W-S Prep Acad    Bish. McGuinness East Wilkes
2008 Kenan            W-S Prep Acad    W-S Prep Acad    East Wilkes
2007 Topsail          Topsail          Bish. McGuinness Hayesville
2006 Princeton        Albemarle        West Wilkes      Hayesville
2005 Thomasville      Dur Sch of Arts  Dur Sch of Arts  Dur Sch of Arts
2004 Williamston      Dur Sch of Arts  Dur Sch of Arts  Surry Central
2003 Williamston      Dur Sch of Arts  Southside        South Stokes
2002 Williamston      Dur Sch of Arts  Albemarle        Hendersonville
2001 Northhampton-West  Red Springs    Burl. Cummings   Hendersonville
2000 Graham           Burl. Cummings   Burl. Cummings   Hayesville
1999 Graham           Polk Co.         Starmount        Hayesville
1998 Lejeune          Polk Co.         Burl. Cummings   Murphy
1997 Lejeune          Lakewood         Murphy           Murphy
1996 Lejeune          Union            Murphy           Murphy
1995 S.Robeson        Union            Murphy           Murphy
1994 Murphy           N. Brunswick     Surry Central    Murphy

From 1986 - 1993 1-A & 2-A competed in a combined state meet:

1-A/2-A Classification - Boys:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
1993 Ayden-Grifton    Ayden-Grifton    Hendersonville   Murphy
1992 Whiteville       Forest Hills     Monroe           Monroe
1991 Forest Hills     Monroe           Monroe           Monroe
1990 Monroe           Clinton          Monroe           Southwest Randolph
1989 Hendersonville   Lexington        Salisbury        Albemarle
1988 Fuquay-Varina    North Rowan      Salisbury        North Rowan
1987 S.W. Guilford    North Rowan      North Rowan      (event began in '88)
1986 Whiteville       Hendersonville   Hendersonville

A 1-A/2-A Classification was used briefly from 1968-1970:
                      (4x220y Relay)   (4x440y Relay)
1970                  unknown   Hendersonville
1969                  Edenton          Hendersonville
1968                  Hendersonville   unknown

1-A/2-A Classification - Girls:

     4x100m Relay     4x200m Relay     4x400m Relay     4x800 Relay
     ------------     ------------     ------------     -----------
1993 East Carteret    Forest Hills     Surry Central    Polk County
1992 Clayton          Red Springs      Surry Central    Polk County
1991 Chase            Forest Hills     Swansboro        Polk County
1990 Chase            South Granville  Randleman        Polk County
1989 Lexington        Lexington        Albemarle        Lejeune
1988 South Granville  Albemarle        Tryon            Lejeune
1987 Lexington        Albemarle        Albemarle        (event began in '88)
1986 Lexington        Lejeune          Lejeune           
Before 1986, 1-A & 2-A schools competed with 3-A & 4-A in an all-classification state meet.

Pre-1963 Mile Relay results (All-Classification - Boys):

                                       4x440y Relay
1962                                   Char Myers Park
1961                                   Char Myers Park
1960                                   Char Myers Park
1959                                   Char Myers Park
1958                                   Char Myers Park
1957                                   Char Myers Park
1956                                   Char Myers Park
1955                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1954                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1953                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1952                                   Charlotte Central
1951                                   Durham
1950                                   Durham
1949                                   Durham
1948                                   Durham
1947                                   Greensboro
1946                                   Durham
1945                                   Durham
1944                                   Charlotte Central
1943                                   ?
1942                                   Durham
1941                                   Charlotte Central
1940                                   Durham
1939                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1938                                   Charlotte Central
1937                                   Charlotte Central
1936                                   Durham
1935                                   Greensboro
1934                                   Goldsboro
1933                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1932                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1931                                   High Point
1930                                   Charlotte Central
1929                                   Wilm. New Hanover
1928                                   Wilm. New Hanover
1927                                   Asheville
1926                                   W-S RJ Reynolds
1925                                   Charlotte Central
1924                                   Greensboro
1923                                   Greensboro
1922                                   Wilson
1921                                   Burlington
1920                                   ?
1919                                   Friendship
1918                                   ?
1917                                   Friendship
1916                                   Greensboro
1915                                   Greensboro
1914                                   (Graham won "the relay" in 2:25.2)
1913                                   (No relay events were run)
(The first NCHSAA State Track Meet was held in 1913.)

Abbreviations:  W-S = Winston-Salem,  H.P. = High Point,  Kern. = Kernersville,  Gbo = Greensboro,  Burl. = Burlington,   Dur = Durham,  Ral. = Raleigh,  Fay. = Fayetteville,   Char = Charlotte,  Gast. = Gastonia,  Morg. = Morganton,  Ashv = Asheville,  Wilm. = Wilmington,  Sci = Science,  C. S. = Community School of,  Card. = Cardinal,  Bish. = Bishop,  A-C = All-Classification.

High Point Andrews' boys (1989) became the first team in North Carolina history to win all four relays at the State Meet. Berry Academy's boys (2011) were the next.

Looking at all State Champion relay teams from 1963 - 2011, High Point Andrews appears to have won 39 times. Other schools with more than 20 relay wins are Greensboro Dudley (22), Burlington Cummings (20), and Durham Hillside (20). (Let NCPrepTrack know if any were overlooked.)

If all years from 1913 - 2011 are included, Charlotte Myers Park's total increases to 23. Myers Park won the Mile Relay eight years in a row (1956 - 1963).

North Rowan won 8 relays when they competed in the WNCHSAA and 18 after the WNCHSAA was merged into the NCHSAA.

Durham Hillside won at least 4 (and likely more) during the years it competed in the NCHSAC.

Several schools have won a particular relay event four years in a row, but very few have won five. Among the impressive streaks are:

Charlotte Harding    Girls 4x400 (5) 2003 - 2007 4-A.
Murphy               Girls 4x800 (5) 1994 - 1998 1-A.
High Point Andrews   Boys  4x200 (5) 1989 - 1993 3-A.
Charlotte Myers Park Boys  4x440 (8) 1956 - 1963 A-C.

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